Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adventures: Maggie Takes On Scottsdale

Maggie went for her first out of state adventure for Thanksgiving! We spent turkey day with L's family in Scottsdale and we didn't want to board Maggie so she got to go on her very first adventure.

We knew we needed to get a harness for her for the car because she normally flops around in the back seat. A harness would keep her safe as well as give us peace of mind that if we get into an accident, she wouldn't fly forward.

"I am SO stoked for our road trip!!!"
Despite Maggie's excitement, she got into something or lost a fight with a bee the night before we left. So, we also had our very first visit to the emergency vet.

Maggie was fine one minute and all of a sudden, her nose was blowing up and she was covered in hives. We freaked out for a minute, gave her a Benadryl and hopped in the car (and woke up my sister to confirm that, yes, when your dog's nose blows up to twice its size, you SHOULD head to the vet!). We didn't get a picture of her giant nose but the one below is after a Benadryl and a steroid shot.

"My nose feels funny. Do I look bloated??!"
The vet assured us that it was most likely a sting or bite and we took Maggie home to finish packing.

"Just throw my deer antler and blankie in, okay?"
Maggie was still feeling a little icky the next day but she got used to the car after a few hours.

"Ooooh, I can SLEEP in here! Who knew?!?"
The Kurgo harness we got was pretty great for most of the trip. She had a lot of room to move around but was also really secure.  

"Does this harness make me look fat?"
There was one moment when she twisted herself so much it actually looked like she was wearing a regular seat belt.

Otherwise, she didn't get too twisted and she was safe and happy in the back seat.

Maggie also had some walking adventures in Arizona.

"I'll take this side, you take the other...I WILL GET THIS BALL!!!"
Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving.

How was yours?!?

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