Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maggie the Blanket Monster

It's a lump, it's a, wait!!!

It's a, dog?!??!

Maggie loves being all the way underneath blankets. Whether it's on the couch or the bed (because she is allowed to sleep on both) she just loves being all cozy.

We would have though it was weird but L's parents' dog also loves being all the way under the covers.

The best part is when she wants to escape, she stands up and suddenly, attack of the blanket monster!!!


  1. Maggie is such a cutie and looks like such a snuggle bug! Athena likes to sleep under the covers too. She will nudge her nose at the blanket until we get the hint to let her under =)

    1. She is TOTALLY a snuggle bug. Maggie does a little "dig" thing to the blanket to say, "Hey, let me under, I'm chilly!" It's adorable. And it's like having a heated blanket!

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