Friday, January 11, 2013

Kisses, Cuddles, Play...REPEAT!

WOW!  We are loving that Maggie and Nigel are getting along so well together since their little bout of fisticuffs on the drive home from Chicago.

Maggie always looks so pensive.

They sleep next to each other on the couch now, even cuddling sometimes.

Who wouldn't want to cuddle up to this face?! (He snores like a loud human, so maybe some people wouldn't want to cuddle up.)

Sir Nigel looking very happy to play with Maggie but sad to leave his foster momma (my mom).

It's hard to tell in these pictures, but Sir Nigel has the biggest, giant blockhead.  It's awesome.

"Which side looks better in photos!?  My blue eye side or my hazel eye side!?"

Supermodel Maggie thinks that his giant head is a little overrated but still likes to lick his jowls whenever he lets her.

They're getting along really well but almost TOO well.  Maggie has a nasty cut that hasn't fully healed so we can't let them play again yet.  Nigel seems okay with the lack of playtime but the Magsters is definitely rearing to go (even though she's the wounded one).  They're super precious together and while we're still working through some of the harder parts of being a two dog house (walks are a bit of a mess!) we're slowly getting there.  Based on Maggie and Nigel's role models, Mr. B and Miss M over at Two Pitties in the City, we know that there's hope that I will someday be able to walk both dogs at the same time without wanting to curl up into a ball and sleep for an hour.

How did your transition to a multidog house go?  And how long did you wait before adding #2!?


  1. Yay! So glad to hear that things are going well with Maggie and Nigel!


    We nominated you for an award on our blog today!

    1. GASP!!! Thank you!!!!! We just read the post and are so excited to participate!

      We're very happy with their progress. Slowly but surely!

  2. They're so sweet together already:) I love that you have a black dog and a white dog, that will make for some great photos! I waited(barely) 5 months before getting a second dog. Kaya was driving me ballistic so I got her a buddy. They were BFFs from the get go.

    Lots of treats and deep breaths on walks should help. Don't think of the distance, if it takes 20 minutes to get down a block, the mental exercise will wear the pups out. One day you'll be walking down the street and it will dawn on you that they're not so crazies anymore:)

    1. Thanks for the takes a lot of deep breaths for SURE! We're working with the separately at the moment because Sir Nigel enjoys weaving back and forth and stopping to sniff EVERYTHING in our path. But his big giant head is so cute that it's hard to not smile when we see how much he's enjoying city living.

      We eagerly await the "Hey, they're not so crazy" days!

  3. It looks like things are going well and they are just as adorable as can be.

    Also just to let you know, we nominated you for the Liebster blog award.

    1. Thanks so much, Debra!! We're enjoying getting to know Nigel and using our favorite blogs for advice.