Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pooches Picks: Snood Glorious Snood!

We first learned about snoods from Mr. B and Miss M over at Two Pitties in the City.  They're quite the fashionable pooches and when we first got Maggeroni and Cheese (one of her ridiculous yet awesome nicknames) we realized that she would look adorable in a snood too.  Then it got cold outside and we realized that keeping her warm was going to be much more than a fashion statement.  She shakes like a leaf when it drops to only 50 degrees.

We love snoods!!  Check out how the backseat of the car was turned into a giant dog bed.
Luckily, our good family friend likes to sew.  She also happens to looooove pooches.  She whipped up a batch of homemade fleece snoods for the whole crew!  Nigel originally had a black snood with "Rockstar" on it but we decided to switch his and Maggie's (an awesome Cubs snood) because he looked a little girly wearing it.  Maggie was fine with the switch because frankly, she knows she can pull anything off with those giant ears.

Poor Magdog, you can see her battle scars from her short fight with Nigel.
Nigel seems to be more conditioned for the cold weather, having been a Chicago boy for a while.  Maggie, however, is still shaking like a leaf for the past week of early walks.  I can't blame her though, I'm pretty bundled up too since it's just around 40 degrees here in SoCal in the morning right now (I know, I know, I'll stop complaining).
Go Cubs go!!!
Do you snood??  What kind of material do you or your pooches like the most?


  1. They look adorable! We also learned about Snoods from our friends at Two Pitties, and we love ours! Zoe also gets super cold very easily, so it really seems to help. Plus, she gets a lot of attention on the street from people "ooohing and ahhhing" over her, so she's representing well too! (And Go Cubs!). :)

    1. That's so awesome! Yesterday, someone commented that Maggie was "wearing a scar, do you think she's cold?" It definitely makes them more approachable! Hope Zoe's recuperation is going well!!!

  2. The little man looks so majestic wearing his! What a gorgeous pair!

  3. Maggeroni and Cheese is the best nickname ever. I am totally stealing it!

  4. Somehow I keep missing posts...but love the snoods on your pups! They look so proud!