Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adventures: Echo Park on a Sunny Day

Maggie and Nigel have been nagging us to use a gift certificate I got for graduation last year.  So, thanks to my mom and sister, we headed out to Echo Park for an adventure!!
The pups are all dressed up and ready to go!
We started out the adventure with a quick trip to Elysian Park.  It's a giant beautiful park near Dodger Stadium.  Of course, we only got to stay for about 10 minutes because Maggie saw dogs and started reacting pretty strongly.  Evidently, she's really not in a place yet to be out and about with other pooches.  But we did get some really cute shots of them!

 Then we finally got to use our gift certificate at a charming gourmet grocery store called Cookbook.

These sandwiches are AMAAAZING.
The best part about taking the pooches on a grand adventure is that they were very chill for the rest of the day.  Both slept most of it and were great models in the afternoon when the sun was streaming into the apartment just right!

Just a boy and his antler.
You'd do anything when you see this face, right!? 

"I know, I'm adorable."
 Later, it was time to sample the feast we purchased.  It was all quite delicious but we think our favorite (besides the cheese because really, who doesn't love cheese!?) was the lamb meatballs.  The sauce had cinnamon and something sweet in it and it was delicious.

Anyone else have a grand adventure this weekend!??!


  1. Cheese is always the best part of a meal!
    Nothing like a good old reactive episode to cut something short. Does Nigel ever have reactions? I'd be in heaven to have a non-reactive dog! Even all my fosters were reactive...except for Kylie 90% of the time she was fine. Braylon isn't that bad either, but she feeds off Hades. Actually she's usually not vocal unless a dog goes ballistic on her, then she talks back. Or for some reason a dog barking at her from behind a fence makes her nutty too.

  2. I'd say you had a grand adventure this weekend. And, to include cheese is just plain awesome.

    We didn't go out for an adventure... we just experimented with some new recipes, you could call it a food adventure!

  3. Looks like a yumcious weekend for you! The jury is still out on whether Ray is reactive. By that, I mean I'm not willing to call it yet. So far he is just a unmannerly clod who doesn't understand that the daschsund doesn't want his 85 pound friend to jump on his back. :-)

  4. Love their faces! Looks like an awesome day:) Kaya & Norman have been knocked out this weekend also from our fun at the park.