Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pooches: Making Friends!!!

WOW!!  I don't know why it took me so long to find them but OMGsies, (I only say that when I'm really excited) there is an amaaaazing dog walking/training group right here in Los Angeles!!

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners (or LARPBO) is a Meetup based pittie group here in LA.  Of course, they're open to all breeds coming along for the fun but focus on pitties.  They have two (TWO!!) training sessions every weekend that are super affordable ($10 per dog WHAT!?!?) and a whole giant core group of people who meet to go on group walks and do social outings.  They're dedicated to speaking up about bully breeds, training owners to be responsible dog owners, and creating a community of people who are all equally in love with pitties.

Basically, I believe we may have found our pack.

Nigel and I decided to check out the pack walk at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) last night. Sorry, most of the pictures are of the back of his head because he was so distracted by all the pooches!  Also, I'm still learning to use my camera so many of the pictures are pretty dark.
Lamps installation at LACMA
There are cute little paw prints on the path!
"What ARE they doing?!"  (They were playing on the statues and "placing.") 
Will look at camera for noms. 
Nigel is admiring the lamps art installation
Nigel had a chance to see the trained pooches do cool things like "place" on a ledge and stay until they were "okayed" to jump down.

Overall, the pack walk was a great success!!  Nigel got to meet some poochy friends and got out at night which as many of you know, can be very distracting for doggies.  Even more exciting is the fact that the group is SO welcoming and helpful that they have encouraged us to bring Miss Reactive Maggie to the training class on Saturday.

So, a new adventure begins for the pooches.  We'll keep you posted about Maggie's first class!

Anyone else have any fun weeknight adventures?!


  1. your lamp B&W pic is GORGEOUS!! and of course, Sir Nigel is handsome as ever!! ♥ so happy to have met you and welcome to the Pack!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer!!! We're so excited for all that is to come.

  2. YAY! Look at that! We are really interested in doing something like that here in Erie, and as we haven't found anything yet...we'll probably be starting something when the weather breaks!

    1. That's so awesome!! We can't wait to read updates. :0)

  3. Please update us on how a group class goes with a reactive dog. I don't know the details of her reactivity but would love to know how it goes and how you keep her anxiety down.

  4. How fun!!! That's awesome that you found a group in LA that is so active and welcoming to all! We walk once a month with RespectaBulls in Portland, but the group is pretty new so that's all that really happens as of now =) I can't wait to hear about how Maggie does in the group class!

  5. Wow awesome pics, sounds like a lot of fun and of course, Nigel looks so cute. It sounds like something that will be great for Maggie also!

  6. My dogs are hyper alert on night walks, it can be very frustrating!
    What a great community. You are quite lucky! I love Phoenix but I feel like it's not the best for pittie lovers sometimes.