Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adventures: Road Trip, Baby!

Maggie and Nigel endured their second cross country road trip together.  We drove our new Prius V from LA to Chicago (totally enough room for two dogs on the back seat, their beds and crate pads, blankets AND we stuffed a bunch of our things between their seat and our seats).  Since they have raw food diets, we had our giant Coleman cooler all packed up in the back of the car with enough food for the road trip and beyond.
Maggie and Nigel LOVE beds on top of things. 
Check out my bed!  I don't really like it at night but it's awesome in the car.
We used our new Kurgo bench seat cover to keep doggie hairs off the seat and it stayed on very well.
Maggie pillows make the best pillows.
 It was clear, though, that the dogs got a little stir crazy as the trip continued.
When we stopped at a random rest area in Oklahoma, we were SO stoked to see that there was a dog park there!!  WHAT!??!  THANK GOODNESS!  Since Maggie is still reactive, we were very happy to see that we were the only crazy dog owners out there in 25 degree weather.
Please excuse Nigel's junk hanging out but I just loved this action shot.  He looks so happy!!
 In all reality, the pooches spent most of their time doing this:
Cuddle buddies
And only a little time looking this:
We're not sure why, but Maggie has picked up an incredibly annoying whining habit when we're in the car.  She didn't do it for the entire ride but she did it plenty.  Please excuse the terrible recording of this but you can watch and see why we both laugh hysterically at her while we ask her to be "quiet."
So, now we've made it to Chicago and we're trying to be good house guests.  Stay tuned for all the things we've learned about road tripping with dogs that we wish someone had told us!


  1. Hurley is such a whiner on car trips! We haven't taken quite as long a road trip with him as this one but I use an herbal calming remedy with him to take the edge off so he's not whining and drooling the entire ride. I think it really helped on our 8 hour road trip this summer!

    It looks like your crew is enjoying vacation!! Have a good one!

    1. Oh man...I don't know how we'll handle the whole ride back to LA! What kind of herbal remedy do you use? We just bought Rescue Remedy to try with her (and with Nigel when he crate whines...such whiney pups!). What herbal remedy do you use?

  2. I can't believe you guys drove that far, and yes for road trip advice! We just finished and will have some 'wish we knew' hotel advice soon! We are on for Sat, I will email you soon with more details!

  3. Holy roadtrip! Our recent trip to Florida was an adventure - plus we had two kids (1 and 4) with was quite the crew!

    1. We're super impressed. We were trying to figure out how it works with dogs AND kids!

  4. Wow, that's some trip with pups in the car. We've not trying anything that adventurous with Boomer and Dottie yet!

  5. I love your dogs more than is physically possible through the Internet. I would DELIGHT if I found a dog park with no dogs present. What a blast they were having! Look at Nigel, playing like Braylon on his back. I see who is boss there.
    Oh maggie's whining, how cute. I would put up with that for a road trip. :) You guys seem super prepared!
    My dogs have flaws a'plenty but they are saints in the car. I need to remember those things they rock at even though it doesn't seem big.
    Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Hahaha!! They did pretty well and we made sure to have plenty for them to do when they got bored. Poor Maggie, we realized that she was getting a hotspot behind her right front leg and that's why we think she was whining so much. Bad parents! Now she's doing better.