Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Quick Update and Some Throwback Pics

The summer is almost winding sad to even think that!  I have exactly two weeks left at my summer job before I get to drive home and see my sweet pitties.  I'm obviously super stoked.  They're doing well at home with their dad and enjoying summer to the fullest!
I think they approve of their new back yard!
Also, this is pretty fun.  When I first found Miss Mags at the shelter in LA, I sent this message and pictures to my sister (fellow pittie owner and dog lover):
I found a BEAUTIFUL Staffordahire mix, pic below, named Lola. She's only 35 pounds and is so sweet looking. She has one green eye and one blue and seems like an uber cuddler. 
"Lola" at the shelter...her eyes begged me to take her home.

Look at both our pups now!

Spoiled and happy
And Mr. Nigel in a cool "before and after" that my sister made.  His mugshot on the left is from his time at a Chicago shelter.  Thank goodness my mom and sister rescued him, he was meant to be with us!

Hope your summer has been amazing!