Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working on Walking

Since Nigel is enjoying some only-doggie time right now, we want to work on his training as much as we can.  He's been very good at waiting to go out his doggie door and staying on the rug and waiting if we need to take the garbage outside.

When Maggie first left for her training, (almost two weeks ago, thank goodness time is flying by!) Nigel had a rough time staying home alone.  He did a little damage (goodbye, favorite blanket from Restoration Hardware) and totally got worked up every time we left him by himself.  He even started to do some digging at the door of our room where he was hanging out but I think I stopped that by startling him when he did it once while I was still here.

Still such a puppy face sometimes...

This weekend, we installed a baby gate at the door of our room that we think may help him when we need to leave him alone for the next two weeks until Maggie's back.  He did really well yesterday, just a little whining when we left and then brought his stuffed Kong to the gate and went at it.  We also leave him with classical music playing (Through a Dog's Ear, but really I don't think it makes a difference what kind of classical music it is) and an antler for him to chew if he gets really bored.

Now, we're working on him remembering how to not be a maniac on leash.  He did a great job today on our walk.  We're using his Easy Walk Harness and after just a few minutes, he did a pretty good job of only pulling briefly when he heard dogs barking (so, every second house) or when he thought he saw a squirrel.

Back in the walking game!!  Speaking of games, Nigel is showing off his new collar from Moxino Collars (thanks to our friends at A Peace-A-Bull Assembly for showing us how awesome these collars are!).  Now he can root on his Bears every week!

Be back soon with more Maggie updates and fun photos of Nigel's adventures!!!


  1. I can't believe what dopelgagners Nigel and Julius are (along with being Bears fans.) I was laughing when I saw that picutre yesterday because the dork that I am, my first thought was "that looks like Julius" but my second was "I know a Nigel who looks just like that!" Lol.
    Oddly, Julius does the same types of things when left alone, though Ray is always nearby.

    They're such cute babies, if I do say so myself. :-)

    1. How funny is that! They are both adorable...their adoration must be why the Bears are playing well. :-) It's rough when Nigel starts to panic, especially since he's alone right now. I always feel so badly but I know that he calms down and when I get back home, he'll be chilling on the bed, just relaxing!

  2. We've been working on walking lately too. It definitely helps walking just one dog. I walk Kaya and Norman on either side of me because I am just not coordinated enough to handle them from one side, but it works for us!

    Nigel looks super cute in his new collar and I love those colors on him!