Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Transitions...Adventure Coming!!!

I feel like we've been in transition since January.

They take "cheek to cheek" very seriously!

We got Nigel and were transitioning to two dogs, then moving to the new place, then I left for the summer, then I came home and Maggie went to board and train.  Now, we're still in transition with trying to get the pooches used to listening to us in the house and ultimately taking those skills outside on walks, too.

Nigel was an obedience SUPER STAR and was the only pooch to score 110% out of 100% on his final test for his class!!  What a dude.  He's been doing great at home too.
Such a cuddle bug
Maggie's obedience skills are still solid and we're still working with her as far as her crazed reactions go.  We're currently working on keeping focus on us during walks and would love any tips from all of you out there.

In fun news, we're FINALLY going on a long awaited adventure this coming weekend.  Any guesses as to where we're headed?!  I'll give you a clue...the pups have never slept in what we'll be sleeping in!


  1. Camping - RV or tent??

    One of the new things we've started doing with Ed to work on his reactions when out on walks is rewarding when he decides to focus on us. So we start with him looking at us when we try to get his attention (clicking our tongue). Then we only rewarded when he checked in with us on his own (he learns fast!). Once he knew that drill, we would tongue-click for his attention when there was something that had his attention (before he reacts) and treat. Now, we're working on him DECIDING to look at us instead of what he would normally react to. He's learning quick, but we've still got a long way to go.

    1. TENT CAMPING!!! You got it, Hannah. We're stoked but also a little worried about how they're going to react to sleeping in the woods. We'll find out soon!

      The pups have no attention on us during walks so we're probably going to try doing some of what you're talking about!

  2. I'm not sure what your plans are but they sound fun! As far as the walks go and keeping attention I use high value food for Dottie, it seems to work the best.