Monday, December 2, 2013

Glamping with Glamorous Pooches

We packed up the car and took our inaugural camping trip a few weekends ago!  (Finally!)

The pooches had a quite a bit of gear.  We brought the following dog-specific stuff on our trip:
- camping dog beds (special bottoms that help insulate)
- snoods
- Maggie's hoodie (minor fiasco with purchasing a size XL Zack and Zoey hoodie for Nigel...they have an issue with their order page on Amazon, beware!)
- dog bowls for water and food
- extra collars and leashes, just in case
- antlers
- stuffed Kongs
- doggie bug spray (no deet!)
- a tarp to lay down by our campfire so they wouldn't get super filthy
- lots of blankies and towels
- Wet Wipes to clean their paws off being settling into the tent at night
- a little speaker to hook up to music (or a white noise app, they're used to a fan on at night which helps with outside noises)

The two were VERY alert when we were first setting up so we tried to get the tarp with their dog beds down first.  Then, to give them a little treat and some distraction, we gave them Kongs.  Maggie thoroughly enjoyed hers!
Nigel didn't really seem as amused as I was when we pulled his snood over his ears but his ears were really cold!

In her usual high alert nature, Maggie decided to perch on one of the camping chairs we brought for us humans.  She hung out on that chair a lot and even adorably fell asleep on it later when I was playing guitar and we were just hanging out.

And of course, they were both EXHAUSTED by the time we left (even though it was less than 24 hours of camping!).  But hey, it's tough being a pittie!!!

They did so great.  There was one moment that Maggie got a little spooked by a group walking back to their campsite and started barking a lot but besides that, they were perfectly sweet companions.  They were hyper aware of all the birdies in the trees behind us which is great to keep in mind next time we go.  Otherwise, they seemed to have fun too!


  1. How fun!! I've been dying to take the pooches camping -- which will have to wait until next year now. This is a great list...we'll be sure to reference when we go!! Where did you get the camping beds?!

    And that picture of Maggie snuggling up on Nigel - priceless!!

    1. In all fairness, Nigel took over her side of the backseat so she really had no choice. :-) They're such snuggle nuggets! We ordered the camping beds on Amazon (

      Can't wait to hear about adventures next year!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Debra! They're pretty adorable, if I don't say so myself. :-)

  3. Love this! Shared it on my facebook page for glamping. Thanks for all the cute photos! (Wonder if I could get my cat to glamp?)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Calla!! Awesome page...I totally dig it. The pooches are humbled to have made someone's glamping page!! Thanks for visiting. :-)

  4. Our basenji prefers the human camp chairs too. We camp a lot, so I finally broke down and bought one for her :-}

    1. Yeah, I knew she was going to prefer the chair...good thing there were picnic tables for us humans to use also!

  5. They are soooo cute when they sleep together. What a lovely picture. I've been collecting a lot of ideas about camping with dogs recently (since having my own furry little friend keep me company at the campsite), and can't wait to share it with you. Big happy camping smiles. Sarah

    1. Can't wait to read everything you've found, Sarah!!