Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We're not gone forever...

We've just taken a short break from the bloggings!!

The people of the house have been busy with work and training for a half marathon (which was awesome) but meant less fun doggie adventures.

Maggie and Nigel are doing very well.  Maggie managed to see a dog earlier today while we were outside with very little whining and NO barking (woohoo!) and even just looked at a few kitties but then came when called! Nigel is slowly getting better at not trying to eat the vines on our fence in order to get to the dogs next door.  Sigh.  Silly pooches.

They're both cuddly as ever and currently need baths...good for them, bad for us.  ;-)

Here's a few pictures to tide you over until we can get back into blogging regularly.  Lots of adventures still to come!!!

You got food?!  I got jowls!!

CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME NEW DR.S FOSTER AND SMITH BEDS! (Large slumber balls)  We will wake you up every 1.5 hours to see if we can sleep in your bed despite these awesome new beds you purchased for us.  Thanks!!

See you with more adventures very soon!!!