Thursday, April 24, 2014

Changes! Good changes!

You may remember our post about trying to have minimal dog stuff. Well, that post was spurred by bigger changes taking place at the Pocket Pittie in the City household.

Beginning in February, I started to read about this thing called "minimalism." I had heard about it before but just in passing. I was intrigued by what some of these bloggers had to say.

"Minimalism changed my life."
"I'm happier, I spend less money, and I spend more time doing things I love."
"I got out of debt!"
"We downsized and gave away, sold, or donated lots of physical possessions."

I have always been a pack rat and a bit of a collector. I like stuff. At least I used to.

Since February, I have sold $2000 worth of excess "things" in our house. I downsized from 3 guitars to just 1, went through my gigantic DVD collection and got rid of most of them, and sold (and mostly donated) about 100-150 books. I stopped watching most television except for a few shows each week and I started reading for pleasure more. I started to write more in preparation for my thesis and began spending more time with the pooches and my husband. Then, just last week, I realized that I didn't actually know yet how I wanted to spend my newfound extra time. That's why I've been blogging on our new sister blog, Happiness With Less. I hope that you'll check it out if this is interesting to you.

All of this is to say that because of these changes going on in our lives, our posts may change a little as we veer away from buying new stuff for the pups and focus on living our most happy and healthy life possible. We think that these changes can only improve our relationship with the pooches but we'll see what time has in store for us.

Growth is the key to positive changes in life so we hope that as we continue this minimalist journey, you enjoy growing right along with us!

Has anyone else experimented with minimalism or ideas associated with it? What kind of effects has it had on your life?


  1. I read the book "Miss Minimalist" last year. I have definitely decreased the clutter in our house (less furniture, more multi-function pieces). I stopped buying useless things for the pups and focused on the essentials. However, clothes are still my vice! I'm not sure I could ever have a "minimalist" wardrobe. But I do LOVE the feeling of clearing out the unnecessary items!! Excited for the new blog!

  2. I'm not sure I'd consider myself minimalist but as I get older, I like having much less nick nacks and things like books, dvds, cds, etc. This also probably has a lot to do with advances in computers so I now have all those things digitally. I must say that a love not having cable tv. I think it is so toxic to flip channels and watch commercials all night. I have a handful of shows that I download or watch on Netflix for a couple hours a night.

    Moving into a new house helped a ton, weeding out stuff I don't want and decorating in a simple way. I've sold a ton of stuff too! The dogs just have a couple beds, water dishes and bones in the house. The rest of their stuff is organized in the closet:)

  3. I do still have a lot of things but we really purged a lot when we decided to move. It was a great feeling.

  4. I am definitely a bit of a pack rat, but as Rachel said, as I get older I want to be less and less cluttered. While I wouldn't say I'm becoming a minimalist in any way, I do want to move towards having less "stuff" and more high quality belongings. I'd like to pair down our things to what we really need and love..