Friday, April 4, 2014

Loving the Leash Gremlins

Some pittie blog friends on Facebook shared a great post today from Dogs Out Loud about returning dogs to shelters because of behavioral issues. The post was great and it led me to another one of their posts about loving doggies they call, "Leash Gremlins."

Well, I didn't realize that someone had created a wonderful title for dogs like Maggie! Turns out, we have our own little Leash Gremlin and we have struggled with the same things so many dog owners struggle with when working with a leash reactive dog. Truth is, we would NEVER return a dog to the shelter but it has been an uphill battle since we adopted our little nugget. We don't always feel equipped to deal with her tantrums and we don't always feel like we're giving her the best life possible because she is often so frustrated and reactive.

But the other truth is that another family may have just returned our little Leash Gremlin. The easy thing is to return reactive dogs because they're difficult. Maggie is an amazing dog. At home, she is sweet and cuddly, obedient and smart, and makes us laugh with her funny sighs and groans. She loves to snuggle and play fetch. She is everything we would have ever wanted in a dog...except when we're outside of the house.

We would never consider rehoming her or bringing her to a shelter but we understand how difficult it can be to live with a reactive dog. But the love and joy she brings into our lives on a daily basis makes us want to continue fighting for her to be happy inside the house and out and hopefully one day, she will understand that she doesn't need to be a leash gremlin anymore.

Fight on, families of leash gremlins!! Love them anyway and love them hard.


  1. Yep! We've got one. We've admitted before - in our first week home with Edi, we contemplated about taking him back. Thinking about it breaks my heart. We almost missed out on a truly special dog. And not only would we have missed out on Ed himself, but all that we've learned and experienced because of him. Having to work harder and tap into more resources has helped us to meet so many new people, start a blog, and create a dog walking group!

  2. I've got two large leash gremlins, but I'd never think of giving them back. Instead we work on our issues.

  3. I considered re-homing Kaya when she was young just because I didn't feel connected to her, I was always frustrated and thought she deserved more. I could never ever have brought her back to the shelter though! Luckily, our hard work paid off and we figured out the whole teamwork thing and I now love her to bits:)

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