Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bed Hogs

We love our dogs so much that we used to let them sleep in our bed with us (okay, like three weeks ago "used to"). Well, Maggie is a fairly good bed companion. She curls into a ball and sleeps by my side or feet.

Seriously. I wonder if she TRIES to be adorable. Maybe it just happens naturally. 
Sometimes, I can't handle those ears.

Nigel, on the other hand, is the biggest bed hog I have EVER met. He starts as a little ball o' Nigel but then SPREADS out to take up way more than his 70 pounds of pittie body should inhabit. It's crazy.

He's just so cute though.

But they're just SO darn cute that we keep letting them in the bed sometimes to snuggle. I wish Nigel could just understand what it means to share.

Sometimes they even snuggle together.
And of course, both of them have lovely and comfy beds RIGHT next to our bed that COULD be comfortable all night.

Oh well. Good thing it's still spring break! Have a great weekend, pittie lovers!! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate.


  1. They are such cute snugglers!!!! We've never really "allowed" the dogs to sleep in bed with us but on occasion they do get to sleep there as a treat. Boomer takes up the whole bed though and Dottie kicks in her sleep making it a rough night for us but super comfy for them.

  2. Kaya & Norman have always slept on the bed with me. Like Maggie, Norman usually picks his spot and sticks with it. Though his spot is often right where I sleep so I have to shimmy him over since he won't move on his own, while he makes tons of grumbly old man noises.

    Kaya likes to burrow under the covers and then gets too hot and then starts all over again. Plus she likes to get as close to me as possible, like how can you get closer than pretty much on top of me? Fortunately it is very easy to get her to move out of the way, even if it doesn't last.

    I'm sure I would get a better night sleep without them in the bed but I do love having them cuddle with me. It does NOT help to have a Cal King size bed since they velcro to me anyways:/ Happy Easter!

  3. We allow our pooches in bed. Tess is a great snuggle partner - she lays right next to you all night. Edison is the worst - he takes up ALL the bed. And also figures out a way to make sure you have no covers. Arg.

  4. I love sleeping with Ray and Julius, but when the hubby is home, only Ray sleeps with us and Julius sleeps with the girls.