Monday, July 14, 2014

Gremlin Goes to School

If you've read anything about Maggie on here, you have probably read about her leash gremlin tendencies (and her soft ears, silly noises, and general cuteness). Just to catch you up, in case you haven't been around for the entire ride, here's a quick history of Maggie's special needs...feel free to skip down! We adopted our little lady in September 2012 and didn't realize that she was leash reactive until after her spay surgery drugs all wore off and then we realized that we were way in over our heads. We didn't know how to deal with our crazy, pulling and barking pup when she saw other dogs during walks. We saw a "dog rehabilitator" who helped us for a while but then didn't anymore, and tried three different trainers and places before finding K9's Only in West LA. Maggie enrolled in 4 weeks of Board and Train there and when she finished, she had top-notch obedience training and we started our education about communicating with her. Since then, we've done lots of follow-ups with our trainer at K9's and tried to work on Maggie's leash reactivity. She's fine off leash and LOVES day care at K9's but sounds like Kujo on leash.

Wellllll...we had a very exciting weekend! Miss Maggie started her Advanced Obedience class which will focus on perfecting basic skills and working on off-leash training. For Maggie though, we were most excited to see how she would do around 5 other dogs in a small-ish room.

Alert but paying attention to commands!
Well, she whined and barked and was generally annoying for the first 20-30 minutes of class but she did chill out a little and lay down towards the end of that time period. Then, we went outside to work and she just stopped whining. She focused on the two of us, met one of the other dogs in class and was very polite (even though he tried to mount her!) and was generally just great!!

We especially love Big Carl who was so sleepy he just passed out outside.  :-)
It was one of the first real successes we have felt in a while with her off leash so we were pretty stoked.  Nigel gets to go to the class when it starts next time so we'll bring more exciting updates in the next few months as the pups move forward with their training!


  1. Wahoo!! Go Maggie! Anything in particular working best? Or just general focus?