Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maggie's Adventures

It may seem like we're ignoring Nigel but I promise you, we're not! We just decided to take Maggie to this advanced obedience class first because she needed the socialization more. We're loving on him and working with him at home!

Practicing down stays on a 15ft leash!
Maggie DID graduate from her advanced obedience class with good marks. It was quite curious - she barked her little nose off for the first class we took, got antsy during the beginning of the second, and then after that, was FINE around the dogs in our class. She said hi to a few of them closer up and was perfectly okay each time we approached the group for class after those first two times. Perhaps she is just a total leash gremlin when she doesn't get to meet the other dogs?!
Despite this face, Maggie LOOOOOVES her trainer, Brent. He gives the best cuddles, kisses, and...bites.
Who knows. She did well! We got to work at a park wit her on a longer leash. She still went bananas over a few dogs farther away and REALLY wanted to eat this one squirrel but we made it.
Of course, one of the best parts of class is that the little nugget is WIPED for the next day.

Happy Tuesday! Sorry about our long break, we're back and will be sharing some fun news in the next few months!!